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Blaze Fire Games is a licensed digital content provider, which taps into a variety of creative talent and skills across the globe. The company aims to connect a diverse group of participants by introducing them to a career path where they will learn to compete in a gaming environment. Blaze Fire Games engages in cross-cultural experiences by offering entertainment events in the Electronic Sports (Esports) industry, to include education career pathway certifications, a multi-player team league and individual player competitive Esports tournaments.

Purpose: Improve and introduce cross-cultural generations to the world of gaming by “erasing the digital education divide.”

Mission: Provide an outstanding experience to our gaming audience through exceptional entertainment and an educational career path.

Vision: To be a leading provider of video gaming entertainment and career education by erasing the digital divide worldwide.

Our Core Values:

  1. Respect
  2. Integrity & Character Building
  3. Diversity & Inclusion
  4. Sportsmanship
  5. Community Building

What we do at Blaze Fire Games:

  1. Provide customized Online Career Pathway education Certificates
  2. Offer professional Instruction career Development in Esports
  3. Host Blaze Fire Games Conference Competitive and Non/Competitive Gaming Tournament
  4. Coordinate Team Management Organization and Player Creation Development Program
  5. Host Blaze Fire Games Esports Overview Summer Camp Program (Online)
  6. Offer Blaze Fire Games Public and Private Sector Esports Internal and External Organization Employee Benefits Development Program
  7. Operate Blaze Fire Games Innovation Technology Esports Center

Intro to Esports Gaming Industry
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Learn basic eSports competency knowledge about the Industry and understand the inner workings about competitive league play Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Time: 8 Hours   STARTING FROM $69.00 Add to Cart Product Info
Communication Strategies in Gaming and Esports - AGI
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Course Overview This course will teach you all about the various aspects of communication. You'll learn about asking questions, probing for information, active listening, and body language. Supporting skills are also covered, such as self-esteem, building relationships with others, and assertiveness. ________________________________________________________________________ Course Length: 12 Weeks Course Hours: 16 STARTING FROM $180.00 Add to Cart Product Info
Active Listening Skills in Esports - AGI
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Course Overview In this course, you will learn what active listening is and what qualities active listeners have. You will also learn how to manage your body language, create a positive listening attitude, encourage conversation, build relationships, and overcoming listening roadblocks. ________________________________________________________________ Course Length:  4 Weeks Course Hours:   8 Hours STARTING FROM $180.00 Add to Cart Product Info

Coming Soon! Six Sigma: Entering the Dojo – Project Management in Esport

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