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Erasing the Digital Educational Divide

At Aperion Global Institute, we understand that the pathway to a truly educational world for all is global access to High-Speed Internet. Access must become fundamental to modern life, whether we’re on the job, at home, or going to school. Broadband connectivity can overcome geographic isolation and put a world of information and economic opportunity at the fingertips of citizens, even in the most remote communities. But the hard truth is there is a digital divide that particularly impacts the educational success that limits innovation and better skilled trained employees.

Attorney Benjamin L. Crump, Civil Rights

CEO-Isiah Reese, MBA, Global Solution Sales Institute

CEO-Meg Weinkauf, Launchpads Start Ups

CEO-Keith Clinkscales, MBA

CLO-Timothy Howell, MBA

Toya Allen, MBA

Kalilah-Allen- Harris, M.D.

Attorney Ricky Anderson, Entertainment Law

Derek Anderson, NBA & NCAA Champion

CEO-Ashley Miller-Anderson Ph.D.

Rochelle Stevens, PhD., Olympic Gold Medalist, Award Winning Author

CEO, VonGretchen Nelson, MS

CMO, Yoli Chisholm Digital Modern Marketing

Craig Khanwell, Life Skills Coach

Kenisha Thompson, MBA

Lance McCarthy, Ph.D.

Amanda McCoy, Life Skills Coach

Steven L. Clerkley, Supply Chain Logistics

COO, Lucille R. Burns, M.A, Life Skills Institute

VP Jerome Sage MBA, Global Solution Sales

Lt. Cmdr.(Ret) Steven Harper, Veteran Education Program

Trina Coleman, Ph.D., Chief STEM Officer

Connie McCoy, Life Skills Coach

Attorney Carlos E. Moore, Civil Rights

Dr. Michael Tulkki, DDS, MS

President Sterling Henton, MBA, Power Up Sales Company

Regina Bailey, M.D., J.D.

Attorney Matthew Gilbert

Dr. Aundrea Matthews

Paula Anderson

John Robinson, BSN

CEO, Kevin Carr

Randy Nelson, Ph.D.

Tavis Wade-Jones, Ph.D.

CEO, Jessica Johnson-Cope, MMR

CEO, Michelle Rider, MBA

Stephen Piphus, AGI Lead Web Designer

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Aperion Global Institute Global Impact

Here at Aperion Global Institute (AGI), we understand that Technology is a tool, not  the only solution. What really matters in the learning journey is having high-quality content that is engaging combined with superior instructor quality to enhance the human component of education. At AGI we prepare our learners to be successful in a high-tech world through a licensed system that drives Instant e-Learning, for anyone at any stage in their educational life journey. There really is nothing more important than excellent content supported by AGI’s Ambassadors Instructors. There is no metric for continuous learning. We are committed to “igniting the flame” of education globally and keep it burning to the end of time.

Join the journey and enroll in our courses and let us assist you in achieving your life-long learning goals.

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