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Dr. Tonya Moore


Dr. Tonya D. Moore

Founder & CEO of DEMO Consulting, LLC

CEO, DEMO Global Institute

Vice President (Georgia), Sharpened Image, Inc.

Dean, Strayer University

Professor, Human Resource Management and Business

Major, United States Army Reserves

Board of Directors, Saint Leo University

Author, Leadership: The Moore Management Model



Dr. Tonya D. Moore has served over 20 years combined in Higher Education and Military Institutional Training. She has cultivated a career which distinguishes her as a subject matter expert in anything relating to academics and training. Dr. Moore has taken her education, skills and experiences to cultivate her own company, DEMO Consulting LLC (DEMO). The company focuses on providing businesses with a competitive advantage in the Human Resource Management arena. DEMO focuses on creating or revamping a company’s HR Strategy as well as diving deep in Staffing and Pay Rolling. Dr. Moore is the Vice President (Georgia) of Sharpened Image, Inc. This company is headquartered in New Jersey. DEMO uses those pipelines of services to create their One-Stop Shop Service in HR. DEMO Global Institute is also an extension to their services in the training category. The institute focuses on training individuals to be competitive in their space. Also, companies and educational institutions can take advantage of their training as a competitive advantage for their employees and students.

Prior to Higher Education, Dr. Moore was on the management team at United Parcel Services (UPS) where she served as the South Carolina District Marketing Specialist. From there, she became a Professor for the following Universities: Saint Leo, Webster, Southern Wesleyan and Strayer. Her focus was Human Resource Management and Business courses. She was a Director of Instructional Management and Assessment Systems (Institutional Research) for Morris College. She later became an Associate Campus Dean along with being a Professor at Strayer University in Charleston, SC. She later started writing Human Resource Management and Business curriculums for Strayer University’s Graduate courses. She also created the lectures and supplemental resources to deliver the course content. She became the Human Resource Management Curriculum Chair and received an Award in Curriculum Design as well. She served on numerous academic committees such as the Chair of the Faculty Senate, Middle State Steering Committee and the Academic Integrity Committee. She is currently serving on the Saint Leo University’s Board of Directors as the Chair of Communication and Advancement. She also served as the Board of Directors President for Pride School Atlanta, Inc. She is currently a Dean in the Atlanta Ga area for Strayer University. She has ran a total of 3 campuses. Her first campus witnessed major growth during her tenure and became the No. 1 campus out of 74 campuses. She is currently running 2 campuses at the same time. Dr. Moore takes pride in every student she speaks with to make sure they are aligning themselves with their passion and purpose. Her campuses received several recognitions on their outcomes.

Major Moore has served in the United States Army Reserves for over 20 years. She is currently serving and preparing for her promotion to Lieutenant Colonel. She is a disabled veteran but she continues to push forward in providing the best service to her country. She started her career as an Enlisted Soldier then she transitioned to an Officer as a personal goal. Major Moore has served some great roles in the military which has aligned her perfectly in the Institutional Training field. Major Moore was the Regional Training Center Branch Chief for the United States Army Reserve Command on a mobilization tour (active duty status). She was responsible for over 300 Instructors and 50 Staff members in California, Wisconsin and New Jersey combined. She developed a Program of Instruction justifying over $20 million in resources. She has also conducted a manpower work-study which eliminated job duplications and saved money.  She was a Company Commander for Basic Training at Fort Jackson and for a Regional Training Center at Fort Hunter-Liggett during another mobilization. She has served as an Educational Officer for an Institutional Training unit as well as an Adjutant Personnel Officer for a Health Service unit. She is currently working in Plans as well as Intelligence in the Health Service field. Major Moore is a highly decorated Soldier.

Dr. Moore has been a guest speaker for many different events discussing topics relating to Business and Human Resource Management. She spoke at the following areas but not limited to the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Military Order of World Wars, Vision Cathedral of Atlanta, Argosy University, Strayer University, and virtual seminars (GoToMeetings and Facebook Live) for business owners as well as career seekers. Tonya is the Author of two Leadership books which is focused on her model called The Moore Management Model. She has developed a course called Professionals to Professors (P2P) for those who are wanting to become a Professor.

Dr. Moore received her Doctorate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management in 2006. She also has a Professional Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management, Advanced Graduate Certificate in Management and a Master of Public/Health Service Administration. She took a course in “Becoming a Leader” through the Jack Welch Management Institute. She is also completing a Digital Entrepreneurship MBA under Jon Steinberg (The CEO of Cheddar Network, past President of BuzzFeed, and Google) at Strayer University. She was invited to go to New York to the Cheddar Networking Station, Facebook NY Office and the New York Stock Exchange as a Champion for the Program. ​

Dr. Moore’s goal is to provide each business and individual the avenue to excel in areas relating to Human Resource Management. She believes a business competitive advantage comes from the people hired in their organizations. It’s important to provide support in reaching any academic and training goals from a professional and personal standpoint. Organizations have the ability to be disruptive, innovative as well as game changers through their teams. Human Resource Management is the area to assist in staffing your organization with the best talent along with creating a culture of diversity. DEMO has the ability to provide services relating to Human Resource Management while your organization focuses on their niche. Individuals can receive the necessary training to provide them a competitive advantage in their next career opportunity also.

For more information go to hrdemoconsultingllc.com