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How it Works:

Global Educational Opportunity: Aperion Global Institute is giving you free access to a Global e-learning platform and 1000+ certificate courses and make $$$ why you promote and educate
Turnkey Email Short-Term Program 
Program Begins: November, 17th, 2017
Program Ends: December 15th, 2017
(all sales must be completed by 12/15/2017 @ 11:59pm CST) 

Why it Works and Benefits:

It’s Relevant: Great way to use your current influence on Social Media or email, and friends to HELP OTHERS gain RELEVANT Certificate Skills and IMPROVE OR ADVANCE their Career and Life
It Promotes EDUCATION and Gives Back while YOU and your Friends will EARN $
It’s Flexible: Offer it to all of your Social Media  Followers, alumni, soon-to-be-graduates! It’s a post and encourages others to forward! 24/7-365 the system is educating people from around the world because of YOU!
It LASTS and CHANGES Lives: AGI e-learning/online course certificates are recognized globally. (*Verify with your Professional Field for special CEU (Continuing Education Requirements))
Educational $$ Benefit and Earn $5.00 per SEAT!
Promote any of AGI’s 1000+ courses with no limit to how many Students/Life Long Learners
Example:                                                                                        Course name ” Women in Leadership” 
$5.00x 300- Seat participants taking the course = $1,500.00 
GET THIS! YOU HAVE 1000+ e-learning online courses you can do that with until December 15th, 11:59 pm (CST)

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