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  • Intrapreneurship

    $135.00 $99.00
      Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 Hours ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview In this course, you'll learn what intrapreneurship is all about. You will learn about the history and culture of intrapreneurship and assess your own intrapreneurial qualities. You'll also explore different ways that you can contribute to the intrapreneurial process. As well, you'll learn how to develop, screen, sell, and implement your ideas.
  • Creative Thinking and Innovation

    $135.00 $99.00
    In this course, you will identify ways to develop your creative side and build a creative environment. You'll also learn a basic problem-solving process, individual creative thinking tools (such as the RAP model, shoe swap technique, mind mapping, metaphors, and toys), and team-based creative thinking tools (such as brainstorming, brain writing, role storming, the stepladder technique, and slip writing).
  • Advanced Writing Skills – Timothy Howell, MBA

    $135.00 $99.00
    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________Course Overview This course is designed for writers who understand the basics and are ready to learn the nuances of letters, business cases, proposals, and reports. The skills taught in this course will empower you to succeed in any college-level course or your professional field. SUGGESTED PERQUISITE:  We HIGHLY recommend that you complete Business Writing That Works PRIOR to beginning this course.