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Dr. Rubin Cockrell

Dr. Rubin Cockrell

Global change agent with 15 plus years of experience in working with organizations, businesses, schools (K-12 & Higher Education) correctional facilities & military

Senior Certified S.H.A.R.P Instructor

CEO of Positive Images & Associates

Global published author with books in over 45 countries

Certified in Rule 31 Mediation (Family & Civil) Professional Negotiations, Strategic Planning, Team Building, Master Resiliency, Decision Making Skills, Diversity & Inclusion


Senior Vice President Background:

Dr. Cockrell’s Personal Mission Statement– To educate, enrich, and enhance people’s lives so that they may achieve their goals.

Dr. Cockrell’s Personal Slogan– “Failure is not an Option, Excuses are not Acceptable, and Excellence must be a way of Life.” – Dr. Rubin Cockrell

Dr. Rubin Cockrell is an International Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Professor.

Dr. Cockrell serves as CEO of Positive Images & Associates, a global firm that specializes in educational leadership, empowerment, and management consulting for clients in over forty-five countries around the world. In his role with the Nashville, TN-based company, Dr. Cockrell trains global business leaders, college students, government entities and church groups to implement tools for achieving excellence and quality productivity within their personal life and their organization across the world.

Before launching Positive Images & Associates, Dr. Cockrell spent years gaining experience in his field by working with churches, businesses, and educational institutions around the country. It was through these experiences that Dr. Cockrell developed a special interest in exposing youth and adults to goal setting techniques and interpersonal development skills.

Dr. Cockrell went from being on the verge of being locked up for 15 to 20 year’s federal time for illegal activities at the age of 20 to having four degrees, Dean of a University and starting a global consulting company by the age of 26. Dr. Cockrell prides himself in the ability to work with people from the “street to the elite” and the “classroom to the boardroom”.

 Common Themes: Intentional Excellence Institute

Self-Esteem Valuation The Trusted Advisor The First Messenger is the Best Messenger in YOU
This program will provide participants the opportunity to focus on improving time management, decision-making and problem-solving skills. Other content within these sessions will include leadership skills, effective team building, and skills needed to be a successful leader personally and professionally This program focuses on idea to action, dream to reality, from weakness to strength, Hand Up is a fresh way to think and do. This innovative program will empower you to think beyond temporary setbacks to uncover true self-mastery.


This program focuses on thinking, creating and impacting without any boxes at all. Participants will learn how to leverage themselves as a business, create personal life statements and self-affirmation