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Meg Weinkauf

Not your average Spelling-Bee Champ…

Meg Weinkauf is an educator, entrepreneur and seasoned patron of for-profit and nonprofit organizations along with a master influencer on social media. After earning her Bachelors of Accountancy (with a minor in Marketing) from the University of Arkansas, where she worked full-time in accounting roles. She would go on to earn 2015 Student of the Year honors at the Jack Welch Management Institute, where she will complete her Executive Master’s in Business Administration in December 2017. Additionally, Meg has taken the time to become certified as a Personal Branding Strategist, a 360Reach Analyst, and a Social Branding Analyst. In 2016, she won 2016’s ionOklahoma NextGen Under 30 Award for her ever-progressive Nonprofit Work at Unlock Freedom. Meg is actively involved in her community and has been involved with many initiatives from the ground up.

Currently, Meg is the Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist of LaunchPad Labs (www.launchpadlabs.co), a Tulsa based company on a mission to launch successful lives through their action inspiring life success skills curriculum. In 2016, LaunchPad Labs was accepted into the first cohort of BetaBlox, a new startup incubator in Tulsa.

Meg guest lectures on topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership, personal branding, and LinkedIn at colleges and universities across the nation. She has helped many people land opportunities through her personal branding coaching company, The Faithful Leader (www.thefaithfulleader.com).

Corporate/Nonprofit Roles:

  • Chief Financial Officer – Helped establish
  • Senior Cost Accountant – Aerospace and defense manufacturing and successfully helped implement SAP ERP system in complex environment.
  • Accounting Manager – Created accounting department, systems, processes/procedures from scratch.
  • Recruiting Manager – recruited for financial and accounting roles

Speaking Themes:

  • LinkedIn – The world is changing and it is more imperative now than ever before to have a stellar profile to help you stand out from the ever-growing crowd. Using effective digital presence strategy to up your leadership game.
  • Personal Branding – Examining, exuding, and extracting your personal brand along with song-bird online positioning to help you get the best opportunities.
  • Influential Leadership – Exploring how influential leadership can transform an organization and bridge the generational gap in the process. Learn first-hand from a millennial how to lead and inspire us into actionable and loyal fans of your organization.
  • Change Management and Informal Networks – Learn how to successfully manage change and identify the true influential leaders within the organization that can make any kind of change happen.
  • Truly Understanding Cost Accounting – Bringing cost accounting to life while understand the importance and how it fits into the overall business.